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    게임 소개

  • A delicious war!
  • Cute Cookies in 3D!
    Tasty battle between cute Cookies!
    (Be careful as some may be a bit spicy~)
  • 게임 모드

    Defeat the enemy Cookies and dominate the

    area to acquire 'Star Jelly Points'.

    The team that gains the most points wins. Utilize strategies such as how to attack,

    support, and where to dominate to achieve victory.

    Wanted Star
    An exciting 5v5 team mode. Defeat the enemy Cookies within the time limit to gain more 'Star Jellies'! You'll need to consider factors such as the make-up of the team, as well as how to attack and defend. But be carefull! If you get knocked down, you'll lose all the Star Jellies that you've acquired.
    Battle Royale
    Battle until the end on dynamic maps such as Tiramisu Cake Hill or Strawberry Milk Sea. As time passes, the map will shrink with the last one standing becoming the winner! It's good to be aware of your surrounding territories and enemy Cookies!
    Treasure Hunting
    A 10v10 scavenger team mode on a mystic island. Adventure through the vast map, brawl with monsters, and find treasures within the limited time! Strategizing and team work are the keys to success in this mode.


    GingerBrave was the first Cookie to escape from the Witch's oven.
    What kind of adventures will he travese this time around?
    He can use the power of braveness and shoot it towards the enemies!
    The sweet and bubbly GingerBright is full of life!
    Swinging her lollipop while throwing candies,
    she's an easy cookie to control!
    Blackberry Cookie
    Blackberry Cookie always has a reserved look, but
    she is actually a very caring and devoted Cookie!
    She can attack enemies by spawning ghosts!
    Devil Cookie
    Devil Cookie might look hot and spicy but tastes like fizzy cola!
    In dangerous situations, this Cookie can escape by becoming a small devil, and destroys everything when it becomes a Super Devil!
    Milk Cookie
    With everything the light touches, let there be peace!
    Using a Healing Milk Mace and Milk Shield,
    the Cookie can soak enemies and recover one's health!